Heart rate is the most accurate measurement of exercise intensity and is critical in gauging the efforts of your athletes. Designed to work with your coaching needs, the Polar TEAM² Pro system allows you to gain a unique insight into the fitness capabilities of your team.

By utilizing the most advanced heart rate technology, you can analyze and achieve the optimum level of fitness for your players, monitor real time performance, help eliminate major injuries, prevent overtraining, and ensure they are training to meet the demands of their sport.


Adam Parr began working with the Polar TEAM™ Pro system in 2011, as an intern with C.D. Chivas USA. After a season and a half of operating the heart rate monitoring system for the Major League Soccer team, he joined Jim Liston, former Chivas USA Strength and Conditioning Coach, at Competitive Athlete Training Zone in Pasadena. Once there, in 2013, Parr began working with Liston to develop the Heart Rate Monitoring program that he continues to run today. Adam has utilized this technology with several teams in the Los Angeles area, including LA Premier Football Club, as well as the Cal Poly Pomona Men’s Soccer team.


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